The Day Of …

The London Marathon is done. The weather was brilliant. Perfect conditions, in fact. It should have gone swimmingly … Greenwich  There’s a buzz about Greenwich Park. Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now blasts from loudspeakers. People sit on the grass, tucking into their picnic breakfasts. I see someone’s bag stuffed with not one, but two – TWO – bunches of bananas. I […]


NewnhamWrites … Never ever underestimate a child

‘What a pity,’ Griselda Heppel (NC ) remarked to her husband one day, ‘that no one has ever created a children’s version of Dante’s Inferno.’ ‘You do it,’ came the reply. And so began Griselda’s writing career. Despite what the publishers said, Ante’s Inferno  set children’s imaginations on fire (pardon the pun), going onto win the Children’s People’s Book Prize in 2012/13 and a Silver Wishing […]


NewnhamWrites … Rosemary is for Remembrance

One of television’s finest period storytellers, 93-year-old Rosemary Anne Sisson, on World War II, Upstairs, Downstairs, and what she said to Downton Abbey’s creator, Julian Fellowes.  Rosemary Ann Sisson’s home is a place filled with memories, charting a life well lived through words and photographs, posters and paintings. She’s lived in this house on the New King’s Road, London […]


NewnhamWrites … Ghosts of Partition

The partition of India in 1947 was a seismic event that impacted the lives of millions. A year ago, I had had the honour to read a draft of Where the River Parts, by my friend, Radhika Swarup (NC1997). While there have been a plethora of books and films set against the backdrop of Partition, her story impacted me in a profound […]


NewnhamWrites … All you need is love

When the world has gone to pot, we all need a little love. Perhaps it’s serendipitous that we have acclaimed novelist, Claire King (NC 1990) talking about her latest book, Everything Love Is, her love of writing and never finding sufficient time to do it; and why she thinks Newnham found her and changed her life.  Claire King grew up in South Yorkshire, studied […]


NewnhamWrites … I absolutely hated writing my first novel

‘I absolutely hated writing my first novel.’ Acclaimed screenwriter and crime novelist, Isabelle Grey (NC 1973) on her journey from  journalism to screenwriting, to writing the gripping Detective Grace Fisher series. Finally, she can get to write about the things she’s most passionate about.  Isabelle Grey was born in London, educated at Manchester High School […]


NewnhamWrites … A novel form of speed dating

From speed dating, to painting her Newnham antique fireplace orange, Dr. Carol Cooper – (NC 1969) GP, Sun Columnist and hilarious novel writer, on her writing life.  Dr. Carol Cooper read Medicine at Newnham College, Cambridge. In addition to her work as a GP in London, she writes a health column for The Sun newspaper, teaches at Imperial College and is involved in […]


NewnhamWrites … Rules? There are no rules

Rules? There are no rules. Award-winning author and Newnhamite (NC 2000), Jenn Ashworth on her writing life, her time at Newnham and why she hated school. Jenn Ashworth was born in 1982 in Preston, where she still lives. She studied at Newnham College, Cambridge and the Centre for New Writing at the University of Manchester. Before […]


Something a little different: NewnhamWrites

I know, I know, I know – it’s been a while. There’s no excuse, except that time has slipped past me. It feels like yesterday that it was the height of summer, my lawn was parched and we were like deers caught in the headlights in the aftermath of Brexit. And then in the blink of […]


A little something for Father’s Day

To celebrate Fathers’ Day here are a few takeaways that my dad shared with me, that I would like to share with you. #AlwaysSmile Fed up with constantly seeing his youngest child grumpy and moody at the breakfast table, my dad threw his hands in the air and said, ‘Lady Amna, to offer a smile is […]