All Mixed Up

As some of you are aware, I am occasionally invited to write a blog for Pakistan’s Dawn News. The article below (on the subject of mixed marriages) was originally intended for that publication. However, I was asked to water down its supposed anti-God content, which I refused to do. This article is not anti-God. Nor […]


Run Forrest Run!

Quite possibly by the time you read this I will be running the London Marathon, or will have finished/collapsed/given up (delete as appropriate). A little whisper goaded me to do it, telling me I was past it and I would never ever be able to surpass the fitness I supposedly had Before Children (B.C.). I’ll show […]


Email to Dina Powell Senior Advisor to Trump

Here is an email I sent to Dina Powell, a partner at my old firm, Goldman Sachs, who recently joined the Trump Administration as Senior Advisor, focused on entrepreneurship, economic growth and the empowerment of women …  Dear Dina This email maybe too late as I believe you have officially started at the White House. […]


Brexit, Terrorism & Chilcot: An open letter to my kids

Dear L, M & A Recent events have left me sad and speechless. Now that I’ve started to digest what’s happened, there are a few things I wanted to share with you. I’m sure in time, more will be added to the list, but for now, here goes: #MAKESUREYOUVOTE One day you will be old enough to vote. […]


A little something for Father’s Day

To celebrate Fathers’ Day here are a few takeaways that my dad shared with me, that I would like to share with you. #AlwaysSmile Fed up with constantly seeing his youngest child grumpy and moody at the breakfast table, my dad threw his hands in the air and said, ‘Lady Amna, to offer a smile is […]


Blame it on El Niño …

The should-I-shouldn’t-I-write-an-end-of-year-blog-post has been waging war in my head. Since there’s no snow in the Alps, and, since I’ve been shovelling down Austrian cakes like no tomorrow, I figured I should use some unused energy and write something. Apologies. Just blame this post on El Niño. #HereWeGoAgain The first day of the New Year always […]


The art of doing nothing

Pre-eclampsia sucks. It sucks even more, if, as in my case, pre-eclampsia creeps up on you, unwittingly, ten days after giving birth. As a result, I was stuck in hospital for two nights. But at least my impromptu stay probably saved my Better Half from coming home to find me collapsed in a heap on the floor. So I owe a big thank you […]


The AKB School of Life

  Inspired by the recent arrival of my third daughter, here is my take on Life. What follows is a list that perhaps, I will share with my now three girls when they turn into parent-hating teenagers. No doubt, there are stages I’ve missed, stages I’ve grossly mis-categorised, or stages I’ve generalised. So, be warned: the following […]


Farewell London – The Sequel (Or, Life in the Boonies)

Four weeks ago we moved from London to the ‘burbs. While it’s a far cry from London, it’s All Good. There are, however, a few things which we’re getting used to … 1. #CunningFox In London we had vermin: pigeons, mice, the odd kitten-sized rat scuttling across the footpath and, our resident ASBO seagulls. On occasional evenings, […]

farewell london amna boheim

Farewell London

We’ve done it. Moved, that is, from our beloved London to …the ‘burbs. My relationship with the city I’ve called home is like the one I have with my children: there are times (many) when it drives me nuts, but I’ll still love the place dearly and I refuse to hear a bad word said against […]