Ghosts of Partition

I’ve had the privilege of reading the debut novel by my writer friend, Radhika Swarup. Due to come out in February 2016, Where the River Parts tells the tale of a Hindu girl, Asha, who, during Partition in 1947, flees her home in Punjab. She also leaves behind the boy she loves – a Muslim. A beautiful story of unrequited love and survival, […]


The Hand of Fate

    Hands up, those who believe in fate.   Is our destiny pre-determined from the moment we’re placed into the womb, cells furiously multiplying to form an embryo, a foetus, a baby? Or our are lives made up of a series of coincidences and circumstance that are far from mapped out? As I get […]


Sixth Sense

I’m not talking about the movie with the boy who sees dead people …All. The. Time. And I’m not talking about a mother’s sixth sense as quite frankly, I’m certain it’s an excuse pounced upon by our own mothers when they claim they: (a) Just know it was you who was calling (as my own mum pronounces.) (b) Know you’re in trouble. Let’s […]


The ASBO gull

One of the scariest films I’ve ever seen is Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. I was ten years old when I watched it with my childhood friend, M. Such was the psychological terror inflicted upon me by that movie, that after it ended, I had to get M’s dad to drive me home even though I only lived around the corner. It took me a […]


The terror of TED(x)

I’ve been invited to do a TEDx* talk to a hundred of North London’s brightest sixth formers at Highgate School. Honestly, I’m peeing my pants. More to the point: I haven’t spoken to an audience this big for … God, I can’t remember. Secondly: teenagers! I remember (just) when I was one – full of expectation with […]


Shrieks in the Night

“I’ve lost Dolly!” my three-year-old daughter moaned the other night,  a moan that wouldn’t stop until I went into her room to seek out her beloved Dolly the Sheep. An hour or so later, our 20-month-old daughter yelled out in her sleep. Her cry was more of the Captain Caveman variety and was so loud that I swore she could’ve woken […]


Sophie Bridge’s New Year’s Tale

Inspired by a Christmas decoration, here is a short story for the child inside of you. Call it a little New Year’s gift as a thank you for your encouragement and support. Wishing you all the best for the New Year! Amna   When Sophie first witnessed the small elf spring to life, little did […]


Papa, I dreamt I saw a sheep!

“Papa, I dreamt I saw a sheep!” my three year old daughter said the other morning. In all honesty it isn’t surprising she dreams of the woolly four legged animal. She’s obsessed. The root lies with her cuddly sheep, Dolly (aka Gukky, as she once was known). My daughter has a pathological love for the poor ragged toy, a love that I touched upon in an […]


The little toys with a mind of their own…

What is it about children’s toys and their association with weird events? In The Poltergeist Hiding in Gordon House I touched on the fact that a few of my daughters’ electric playthings had a tendency to spring to life of their own accord. Since that post, nothing notable has happened. It’s like my blog put a stop to their […]


Mama, there’s a monster under my bed…

My Better Half has been trying to persuade me to see The Babadook. For those of you not in the know, The Babadook is an Australian film about a single mother who, in the aftermath of her husband’s violent death, battles with her son’s fear of a monster lurking in the house. Soon, she also senses a sinister presence and starts thinking her son may […]