7 things you didn’t know about my writing …

Okey dokey. The wonderful and smart Carol Cooper​ – doctor, mother, cat-lover and author of One Night at the Jacaranda as well as numerous best-selling parenting books has kindly(?) nominated me to tell you seven things you might not know about my writing.

This is tricky because (a) I’m not published (yet) and (b) today my brain feels like it’s awash in marshmallow and seven things are rather a lot to think about. But here goes:

(1) I wrote my first book when I was 13 years old. It’s called The Cloaked Figure of Archway Hall with illustrations too. It was my Easter holiday english project. I got a taste of harsh criticism …from my big sister who thought it was rubbish. After a lot of hot-tempered tears, I re-wrote it. My dad still has it.

(2) I used to go to after-school creative writing classes just because our teacher running it, Mrs. Harris, handed out loads of biscuits and tea.

(3) I did write a few poems though, but they were full of teenage angst and really quite appalling. I held onto them, but cringe even at the thought of revisiting them.

(4) My dad’s an avid writer and is widely published in Pakistan …in Urdu. My Urdu is crap and unfortunately I can’t really read any of his work. One day, maybe, I’ll translate some of his writing.

(5) My dad used to joke that, like him, I should read The Russians if I want to be a proper writer. So far I’ve only read Anna Karenina. I’ve also gone to a few Chekov plays, but according to my dad, that doesn’t count. I must imbue myself in the work, apparently. My sister gave me War and Peace for my birthday. It’s still on my bookshelf. But I may download the Radio 4 podcast.

(6) I procrastinate. I read the Daily Mail showbiz column in the mornings instead of writing. But that’s good as reading it makes me feel guilty for not writing and I end up writing to prove I’m far removed from celebrity gossip. Really. Writing this Seven Things thing is also a form of procrastination.

Ernest Hemingway procrastinating ... albeit with The New York Times rather than The Daily Mail

Ernest Hemingway procrastinating …albeit with The New York Times rather than The Daily Mail (photo credit: George Leavens)

(7) I read my drafts to my Better Half. When it comes to critiquing my work, he’s harsher than my big sister.

Until next time!


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